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Titan Forge Launches Lobotomy Board Game Kickstarter

You don't have to be crazy to play this game, but it'll help. ... That's meant in jest, by the way. I'm not saying you actually have to be insane to play Lobotomy from Titan-Forge. It just so happens that you're playing crazy people trying to escape a nightmarish asylum... or maybe it's just all in your mind. ... Almost reminds me of Brazil.

In the Box

In the game, you must find scraps of your memory in order to gain powers which will help you defeat the Chief Hospital Administrator. Only they have the keys you need in order to escape. With modular game boards and multiple characters, each with unique powers, you can play the game dozens of times and not play the same game twice. Different scenarios present you with different challenges as you navigate the horrific halls (or maybe they're nice and clean and you're just nuts). The game is cooperative, with solo play rules available as well.

The campaign is more than 2x funded already and there's still 26 days left to go on the clock.