Titan-forge launches its website and first product

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Aug 11th, 2011

Griffon Lady of The Defenders of The RealmNew miniature manufacturer Titan-forge has posted their first release on their new website.

From their announcement:

We are a newly formed miniature producer, and we are very excited to announce that we just launched our website and released our first product – the Griffon Lady of The Defenders of The Realm. Check it out.

If you want to know more about our doings, you can read our News blog and Facebook page.

  • Huscarle

    That is a great griffon, although I would prefer a more lightly armoured rider. Unfortunately I get “error on page” when clicking on the thumbnails so I am unable to view this beast closer.

  • puster

    The pics work for me. I am severly tempted, though my budget for this month is already spent…