Titan-forge launches Armymals Kickstarter

Titan-forge got their Kickstarter campaign underway for Armymals.
They’ve already funded, so check out the stretch goals.



From the campaign:

The boardgame of Armymals is a fast and fun experience for 2-4 players. We wanted to keep things simple and dynamic so a single game should not take more than an hour. This is unless you decide to put two copies of the game together for the ultimate 5+ players battle with a Mechasquirrels Module. Our aim is to create an intuitive and accessible set of rules that still leaves space for decision-making and outplays. The game is a good fit for both a family tournament involving kids and a hardcore gaming-session with every player trying to squeeze the most out of the mechanics. All the action takes place on a colorful board with an army of puntastic animal commanders, paintable miniatures, tanks with rotatable turrets and a good laugh here and there.

We figured that the community of boardgames enthusiasts is getting older and that we are bringing to the world and then raising a new generation of players. Armymals with their cute, absorbing critters and intelligible rules could be a great way to introduce our kids to the magical world of entertainment without electricity.