Titan Forge contest to win free Undead Wyvern

Titan-forge is running a contest to name their goblin on a cerberus. Winner can win either that, or their undead Wyvern (I know which one I’d pick).

From the contest:

We thought, that Ghostlord on Cerberus is such a badass that he deserves a proper title! But we will let YOU decide! Choose a name that will suit this goblin hero (yup, a mean goblin ridin’ a cerberus!) – it have to sound ugly, brutal and very strong! You also have to hit the like button, so more and more people can see the glory of Drakskull. Then we will choose one of you as a winner! As for reward… oh, we will spoil you. Not only he will be known by the name of your choosing, but you will also be able to choose Ghostlord on Cerberus or Undead Wyvern as a prize (some of you can’t resist the awesomeness of our little pet – we understand that…)! Awesome?