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Titan-Forge Armymals board game contest

Titan-forge is running a contest where you can win a copy of their upcoming game, Armymals.

Armymals Contest


From the contest sheet:

Armymals say hello again. To the point: We are excited to reveal some content we are working on. Meet our little furry friend. He is one of many uniqe characters in our boardgame. He may seem jolly but belive us, he is a one tough bonzo when it comes to dominating the battlefield and operating a big tank. So what is the CONTEST about? We came up with a NAME for him but we can not reaveal it yet and instead we would love to hear your ideas.

Enter the challenge by typing in your NAME SUGGESTION below. Among the people that come up with the coolest, most creative and most accurate ones we will raffle off a FREE COPY of ARMYMALS BOARD GAME. The drawing will take place the day we start our KICKSTARTER campaign. Ah, and do not forget to 'like' this post if you want to participate. You can share this with friends to multiply your collective chances at getting the prize!

Hint: Everything you need you can find in the picture.
Hint2: His name is NOT Cookie Monster.