Titan-forge announces new range of miniatures

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Aug 28th, 2011

Titan-forge have announced a new range of figures called Daemonic Kingdom.

Daemonic Mage-lord on his chariot

Daemonic Mage-lord on his chariot

From their announcement:

Hello everyone!

Our new range of fantasy miniatures is coming this week! Visit our news blog for some sneak peeks (we will bring some more on our Facebook page too).

We also remind you about our Facebook Griffon Lady giveaway contest.

Titan-forge team

  • lordofexcess

    Well following the formula of copying the GW range (to lesser and greater extents) is always a good one if a company wants to sell models. These guys seem to have some cool looking minis thus far and in the works. But seriously we see the mini above and its a chosen champion of Tzeentch of some kind (Daemonic Mage-Lord they call him). Will GW do anything about it? Who knows they seem less sue happy than they did a few years back. At any rate always good to see people putting out ultra high quality minis … even if it always seems like they inevitably are somewhere in Europe and so small that they’ll never be distributed in the US at reasonable prices and shipping costs 🙁

  • Chameleon

    ‘Not found’ error on the link.

    • Zac

      They updated the title of their blog post not realizing that it would change the URL as well. I’ve fixed the link in the news item

  • they’ll never be distributed in the US
    at reasonable prices and shipping

    Well it depends on the companies. Resin models are light so shipping cost are not that high. For example Zenit miniatures ships international small orders for free and bigger orders at very reasonnable price (i’m not part of this company despite my nickname). Moreover most of these companies have cheaper resin than GW and when they are not cheaper they quality is very very good.

  • puster

    Nice minis, especially if the Resin is as good as it looks in their gallery. Actually I did try to order the griffon, but was unable to make my payment with Paypal – their Polish pay-service did send me a mail, though – which I could not decipher, and I am unwilling to register there.
    If somebody succeeds, let me know that it works… (yep, I did send them this as mail, too).