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Titan-Forge Announces Lobotomy Board Game

Titan-Forge has announced a brand new board game they've been working on. This one's a bit of a more dark and sinister theme than Armymals has. The name of the game is Lobotomy, and the goal is simple: get out of the insane asylum. Should be pretty easy, right? Err... maybe not so much.

Players are playing as inmates in the asylum. Though you weren't put here because you weren't crazy. Your perception of the world is a pretty horrific one (more than it is, possibly, already. I can't see through your eyes). To get out, you'll need to navigate the labyrinthine halls, fight off monsters (that may or may not be real, I suspect), collect items to help you in your quest, and regain bits of your memory. All this leads up to a final battle against the hospital department boss who, alone, holds the keys to letting you back out into the real world (or as real a world as you want to make it. We could be having a Brazil moment here).

The game will be coming to Kickstarter on August 1st.