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Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Up On Kickstarter

Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black is a new, big-box expansion to Tiny Epic Galaxies. The new set offers quite a lot in new game mechanics. Sure, you get new ships, but you also get new pilots, new set-collection aspects, and a new press-your-luck style of exploring the galaxy. There's even a Deluxe version that comes with a mini-expansion.

Starting out, there's 5 new advanced ship types that you can use in your exploration of the galaxy. From there, a ship's gotta have a pilot. You can now recruit top pilots, each with a unique ability, by matching dice and assigning them to ships. With the set collection aspect, the pilots and places you explore will have different badges on them. Having match sets of badges at the end of the game will grant you bonus points. But how about that press-your-luck aspect? Well, when exploring, you can either grab a face-up card, or draw from the deck. Obviously, you don't know what you might find, but it allows you to draw multiple cards in order to find more and more things. Just be careful of things, like, black holes. Those aren't so good to fly into.

The campaign's doing rather well. They're already over 12x funded and have added a bunch of new pilots, planets, and other things to the game through stretch goals. There's still 22 days to go in order to make it through even more.