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Tin Man Miniatures updates their Kickstarter with new stretch goals and add-ons

Tin Man Miniatures has updated their Kickstarter campaign with new add-ons as well as posting up their stretch goals. Go see what's been added.
Note: Not all models are entirely safe-for-work.


From the update:

Thank you for the AMAZING first week! We're thrilled at the level of support we've seen, it's incredibly rewarding. YOU are making this project a reality!

We wanted to let you know about a new development to our campaign. We've had a lot of questions about combining website orders with the Kickstarter, which ends up being basically impossible to set up logistically (the website orders are processed via PayPal; the Kickstarter is processed via Amazon, who does not support PayPal; and so on).

We have decided to make our entire line of miniatures (except for bases) available as add-ons, available to anyone who pledges at the CANIS TRAINER level or higher. These are strictly add-ons, and are not part of any pledge level. The graphic is attached at the end of this update.