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Tin Man Miniatures Moving Sale Happening Now

Sure, moving can be a really exciting thing. You've got a new place you'll be going to on a regular basis. It might be in a new city, or country, or even just up the block a little bit. But hey, that's still pretty cool. However, moving also means packing up all your stuff into boxes and physically moving it from one place to another. That's kind of a pain. You know what's better? Getting rid of as much stuff as you can before you move. That's the route that Tin Man Miniatures is going with their moving sale.

So, from now until November 22nd, everything in the Tin Man Miniatures shop is 35% off. No worries about coupon codes or anything like that (so it seems). Just go and get your figures for cheaper than you usually would. That keeps the guys there from having to move giant boxes full of figures. They'd much rather send out smaller boxes full of figures to you.