Tin Dictator announces Imperial Lances

Ad-1.jpgThe Tin Dictator has sent along details of their upcoming set of Napoleonic rules, Imperial Lances (PDF link).

From their announcement:
Imperial Lances – Rules for the Conduct of Napoleonic Warfare in Miniature

Imperial Lances is a new tabletop miniature rule set for the Napoleonic Wars.

Imperial Lances is a Grand Tactical miniatures wargame in which each infantry base represents a Battalion, each cavalry base represents a squadron, and each artillery base represents a battery. The game has been designed with 15mm miniature figures in mind. However, conversions for other size miniatures are also available.

Imperial Lances contains 96 Full Color Pages, Complete Army Lists, And Four Scenarios designed to familiarize players with the rules gradually.

Official release date is April 25, 2010.

To get in on this exciting adventure, contact either Scale Creep Miniatures or Campaign Game Miniatures and they’ll fix you up.

Alternatively, you can contact me directly at TinDictator@tindictator.com

Imperial Lances Flyer

There is also an active Yahoo group for support.