Timeline 300 New Release : Martian Flying Machine

Troublemaker Games has their eyes to the skies with their latest Timeline 300 release: Martian Flying Machine.

From the release:

Troublemaker Games are pleased to announce our latest release for TIMELINE 300, the MARTIAN FLYING MACHINE.

Heavier than air flight of objects larger than a human being has not been achieved by Earthlings, and so the sight of a Martian Flying Machine soaring through the sky is one that terrifies those humans who are unfortunate enough to observe one in flight.

Equipped not just with a short range chemical weapon system that suffocates its targets, the Flying Machine also carries an Aetherical Translocator that allows it to bring new Martians onto the battlefield which can close to finish off those left alive after the black smoke clears. It is a horrific dual threat which is becoming increasingly more common on the battlefields.

This pack contains one Martian Flying Machine, as well as a clear plastic flying stand.

Note that this model is produced in Resin, and may contain some small air bubbles.

The price for this “super-heavy” flyer is £8