Timeline 300 New Release : British Field Guns from Troublemaker Games

Troublemaker Games brings some firepower to the battlefield with the release of their new British Field Guns.

From the release:

Our new release today for Timeline 300 (The 10mm scale RTS-like Steampunk Wargame from Troublemaker Games) are our British Field Guns:

The standard issue Field Guns employed by the British Army are the Amplified Coherent Light Collimator, and the Sonic Carronade. The former is a directed beam energy weapon of arcane scientific manufacture, which projects a flashing beam of light that pierces armour with ease, whilst the latter is essentially a scaled up version of the Sonic Blunderbusses issued to British Line Infantry that shares a analogous anti-infantry role on the battlefield.

As with most machines of the 1870’s Field Guns are steam-powered and semi-autonomous, capable of continuous high rates of fire and limited propulsion just so long as their ammunition and compacted coal supply hold out. Each Field Gun squad generally consists of two gunners, two loaders, and a sergeant to oversee both fire teams under his command and ensure that their weaponry is employed against the correct target.

This set contains 12 Amplified Coherent Light Collimators, 12 Sonic Carronades, 36 gun crew and 12 Troublemaker Games Plastic Bases.

12x units, £12.