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Timecast 2011 Price Rise

Timecast has announced a series of price increases for 2011. From their website:
If the recent bad weather and the post Christmas credit card bills weren't bad enough here are the latest details of our upcoming price rise... Coat d'arms Paints - the manufacturer has raised his prices at short notice and we have had to amend our prices accordingly. Paints are now £2.00 per pot and the Supershader pots are now £5.00. 19th Century Miniatures raised the prices of the Old Glory 15s last October. We have managed to hold the prices down until now but increases in shipping costs etc mean that the prices of Old Glory 15s and Battle Honors will be increased later this month, during the period 20th - 23rd January 2011.  The standard Old Glory 15s packs (50 infantry, 16 cavalry, 6 guns etc) will go up from £12.50 to £13.50 per pack. General packs will go up from £23.00 to £24.00 per pack. On the bright side however, all packs which currently retail at £6.75 (Napoleonic Elites and Ancients packs) will remain unchanged at £6.75 per pack. Despite the increase Old Glory 15s and Battle Honors are still competitively priced and offer good value when compared with other manufacturers prices.