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Time Wars: Supreme Command Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Usually, card counting and deck stacking will, at best get you bad stares and calls of starting a new game. At worst, you'll get thrown through a plate-glass window out onto the dusty street outside (I... watch a lot of Westerns). Well, in Time Wars: Supreme Command, not only are you not penalized for counting your cards and stacking your deck, it's sort of the whole strategy. The game's up now on Kickstarter.

Players are looking to complete the Goals with the best score. They do this by playing cards from their hand into the Home Zone in any order you choose. However, with a limited number of moves you can do a turn (either draw a card, play a card, or use a card already in play), play is fast and furious as you and your opponent look to out-do one-another. When you think you're ready to try and go after a goal, you Collapse the Timeline, having your cards go off, in-order as they're played in front of you. But your opponent has one last chance to jump in with a play of their own.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now, with still 40 days left on the clock.