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Time Heroes, a new RPG up on Kickstarter

Time Heroes is a new RPG up on Kickstarter that uses the Fate Core system. They're looking for funding, maybe go check it out and pitch in a couple bucks.

From the campaign:

GeekWorld Online's first role playing game project has gone live on Kickstarter. Designed by Andrew Goenner and illustrated by Melissa Gay, Time Heroes is a game designed to capture the atmosphere of Saturday morning comedic adventure cartoons.

Player Characters in Time Heroes are members of a Time Heroes, Inc. franchise. Characters can be space janitors with laser mops, plodding barbarians from days of yore, plumbers from Jersey with a hatred of turtles, or Beethoven himself.

They work under the Great Merlini, Merlin's last living descendant, as he faces down his nemesis Morgan la Fey in her attempt to destroy the present and gain world domination.

Time Heroes is a game that is appropriate for all ages of role player. The Kickstarters runs until June 23, 2013.