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Time Barons Now Available From WizKids

Oh, to be able to control time. You'd be able to speed through the week and get to the weekend again. Or go back in time and relive really great moments. Hell, I'd go ahead and schedule up TGN posts for the next decade or two at one time. But if there were other people who could move around in time, they might see it as a chance to take over. The only way to stop them would be to take over, yourself. You'd want to find the best gear from throughout time and gain followers in each era. And that's just what you'll be doing in Time Barons, a new game now available form WizKids.

From the post:

WizKids is pleased to announce their newest game, Time Barons, is now available in North American game stores. Designed by Jon Perry and Derek Yu, 2 – 4 players must recruit Followers and use weapons from all ages to take out rival Barons and their own Followers.

You have 3 actions per turn to gain or move Followers, build a Site, play an action card, place attachments on Sites, or move up an Era. There are four Eras, each representing a different generation of technology, and the cards in a higher Era have stronger abilities. Action and Reaction cards are used to turn the tides of battle. Attachments slide into your Sites, providing much needed bonuses to you or penalties to opponents. With so many different combinations of cards, spanning over different decades, the possibilities seem endless!

To win, either reduce the other player’s Followers to zero or have the most after 3 piles of Era cards have been emptied. The game shines in a duel format, but can be played 2 vs 1, and teams of 2 vs 2. There is also a free-for-all format, as well as additional Expansion cards to add new Sites, weapons, and events to your game.