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Tiltfactor running Monarch board game Kickstarter

Tiltfactor has a Kickstarter campaign running for Monarch, their new board game. The reigning Queen is about to die, and you, as one of her heirs, must prove that you're the best suited to take her place. Use your cunning and wit to position yourself to become the next Monarch.

From the campaign:

Monarch® is a smart strategy game set in a mythical world. Players adopt the role of daughters of a dying queen who must prove their worthiness to rule by making their shared realm most prosperous. Blending ideas of past and present and images of East and West, the world of Monarch is veteran game designer Mary Flanagan's answer to the popular epics offered by the media such as Game of Thrones.

Monarch was designed to be an approachable gateway game to bring new players to board gaming - perfect to play with your parents or non-gaming significant other. The game features beautiful scratchboard art by artist Kate Adams, and is approaching its deadline of March 14th. Monarch needs your help to fund!