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Tigris & Euphrates Board Game Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

It's near the dawn of civilization. You are in charge of a civilization living in the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It is up to you to make sure that yours is the civilization that thrives. All that rests on your shoulders is the foundation for pretty much all of Western civilization that will come after you. How hard can that be? Well, you can find out with the new edition of Tigris & Euphrates, now available from Fantasy Flight Games.

While this is a new, updated edition of the game, does things like bring you new graphics and artwork (based on ancient Babylon, Assyria, and Sumeria), the original mechanics of the game, by game designer Reiner Knizia, are left intact. There are several expanded play options, as well as a double-sided game board.

Tigris Box

The game begins with a land ripe for expansion. Claim this rich territory for your own before the other civilizations can gobble it up. But it's not just random conquest. You are trying to build a true civilization with spots devoted to farming, marketplaces, living spaces, and religious hearts of your society. Once the initial land-grab is over, you will end up battling your opponents for what limited space is left and the resources those spaces represent. With victory comes eternal landmarks to your name in the form of monuments to your glory. These generate victory points every round, as your legacy is remembered through history. Just make sure you protect them or your opponent will go in and chisel your name off your own structures.

The advanced versions of the game add in more challenges on the game board and let you build both libraries and granaries with which to expand your kingdoms. There's also the magnificent Wonder, that can pass between various civilizations.

So, if you feel like creating your own civilization and battling it against your opponents sounds like a good time, check out Tigris & Euphrates, now available.