Tiger Sci-Fi APC Review on Graven Games

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 29th, 2012

Grave Games put up a review on their website of Scotia Grendel’s Sci-Fi APC.

From the review:

Today we’re looking at another classic model available from Scotia Grendel, the 28mm Tiger sci-fi APC. This huge walking tank is just one of the many great models that are tucked away in the Scotia Grendel store. This one reminds us of the towering AT-AT’s from the Star Wars films …who wouldn’t want one of those in their army?!

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  • Isn’t this one of the APCs from the now-dead VOID game?

    • -DE-

      Nope, it’s from Kryomek, later on pressed into Void service. Which would make it approximately 20 years old! Still looks cool after all these years…

    • Dewbakuk

      Heh, never knew it was a Kryomek model originally 🙂

      Yes it’s the one from the Void range. Scotia Grendel sell all the old Void miniatures as well as the Urban War etc ones that got retired.

  • begisle

    Sure looks it to me

  • I didn’t know it was from Kryomek but I know for certain that it is from the Void1.1 game because, along with the Corvus, there are rules for it. The gunner that comes with it also appears to be a Viridian… not to mention that the original box had Void1.1 written on it.

    They are nice kits but I was a little disappointed at the lack of details on the insides of the legs (lots of circle cutting from plasticard to sort that out) but apart from that pretty brilliant really.

    The six I have are waiting for the assembly line to start… but they are without a project to join at the moment so I doubt they’ll get looked at for a while.

    I’d definitely recommend them though!

  • Huh. Cool. Never knew that.

    • This was supposed to be to -DE-. User error- posting fail. 🙁