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Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom Now Available

All aboard! Time to jump on the Soul Train! Or at least, just the regular commuter train. Though I don't know if I'd suggest playing Ticket to Ride on a regular commuter train. It's got a lot of cards and little pieces that could get lost. But if you were taking, say, a cross-country train trip, that'd be good.
... I'm getting off-topic.
Ticket To Ride: United Kingdom is now available.

This is the 5th in the Map Collection Series for the game. As the name would suggests, on one side you have United Kingdom. On the other side you have... umm... Pennsylvania. I've been reporting on this story since the initial announcement and that part still confuses me. But anyway, the set is more than just a new board. There's new ways to play as well, with technology and stock cards that can increase the complexity of the game (in a good way).

You can pick up your copy now.