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THW release Qwik: Game of the Wasteland

Qwik: Game of the WastelandTwo Hour Wargames have released Qwik: Game of the Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic combat boardgame compatible with their other rules. From their website:
In the despair known simply as the Wasteland, mankind still craves its sport and its sport is called Qwik. Every village, every town has its own team. Inside you'll find:
  • A full color Qwik field and counters to play your matches.
  • Rules to create your individual Qwikers and build your team.
  • Nineteen pre-generated Qwik teams to play against.
  • Three different Locales to play in from the harsh Heart of the Wasteland to the luxurious Cities.
  • Campaign rules that cover every aspect of the sport.
Your time grows short as you make your way towards the field for your first match. All the training and the pain that you endured to make it here, you hope that it will serve you and your team well. The crowd roars as you, the Qwik, stride to the center of the field. You look across the dirt into the eyes of your opponent, a man as desperate as you. Gong! The game starts, welcome to hell.