THW release new All Things Zombie scenario

Two Hour Wargames have released a new scenario for their All Things Zombie rules called Giving Up The Goat. The PDF is available for $3.00 US.

From their website:

Two members of your group went downriver by boat in search of supplies. They were expected back before nightfall but it’s been three days since they left.

Julie and Phil have only been with your little group of survivors for a short time. Maybe it was a mistake to let them go by themselves but sometimes that’s the way things go. Since the zed outbreak it’s better to look out for yourself.

But that still doesn’t make you feel any better. You asked for volunteers and two others will go with you. You just hope for their sake that Julie and Phil didn’t go all the way down to Lake Havasu. Not with the rumors about things worse than zombies prowling the countryside.

In Giving Up The Goat you will find…

  • Rules for using Enemy Forces or PEFs
  • Rules for boats and swimming.
  • Rules for Chupacabra, Feral Dogs, Javelinas, and Rattlesnakes.
  • Rules for sleep deprivation.