THW release Adventures in the Lost Lands

WebLost_Worlds_Front220.jpgTwo Hour Wargames have released a new set of rules, Adventures in the Lost Lands. From their website:?You hear the whispers. Giant creatures from the dawn of time alive and walking the earth. Dinosaurs. How can it be? As a hunter you have to find out the truth so you follow the rumors to this God-forsaken corner of the world, Lemuria. You've spent days and large sums of money in tracking the Beast and now it's come to this. Your bearer trembles as he pulls back the branch giving you a clear view of the Beast in all its splendor. As you steady your aim it turns, looks you in the eye and at that moment you wonder... Adventures in the Lost Lands, introduces you to a world like no other. A world of giant creatures and prehistoric men where you can: • Be a Pulp Era hero exploring Lost Lands and searching for valuable treasure. • Lead your tribe of primitive cavemen in a fight against other primitive tribes. • Be a modern day big game hunter who travels to a pre-historic land that time forgot. • Command a Victorian Era expedition bent on discovery and conquest. • Be a dinosaur, not only a dinosaur, but THE dinosaur, as you take on all others for supremacy. • Or maybe command a squad of WW 2 GIs blasted into a strange pre-historic world while on maneuvers in Louisiana.