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Thursday Terrain Corner

We're making our way ever-closer to the weekend. Thursday is upon us and soon it will be Friday. After that it will be Saturday, glorious Saturday.

But at the moment, it's still Thursday. As such, it's time to look once more at some bits to help make your gaming tables look their best.

Today's batch of stories includes: New Blacksmith Shop From Burn In Designs, Manorhouse Workshop Update #5 – 3D Bases – Modular Terrain: Skirmish & Wargame, and Free asteroids, scenery, acrylic tokens, or Other With Spartan Games Purchases.

New Blacksmith Shop From Burn In Designs

Blacksmith Shop

Jed'd blacksmith shop's work is legendary in the town of Rock Ridge. Every nail in the town is said to have passed through his forge. Jed works fast and that is what you need in a growing town.

The new Rock Ridge Blacksmith Shop is a 2 part kit with a main building and an outer courtyard and forge. The kit also includes a collection of accessories to help decorate and set the scene like an anvil, wheels and a work bench.

Manorhouse Workshop Update #5 – 3D Bases – Modular Terrain: Skirmish & Wargame

Hello everyone.
Completed the master of the apse of the abbey. This section is the most complex of the six bases that will make up the abbey with cloister in ruin.
Some details of the master. As the secret passage under the altar and the collapse in the corridor at the side of the apse.
These particulars also serve to strengthen the elevated parts of the altar area and the corridor, making no flexing in the time.
All the best.

Free asteroids, scenery, acrylic tokens, or Other With Spartan Games Purchases


Option 1: Halo: Fleet Battles Rulebook. Your chance to pick up an extra copy of the rules. Give it to a friend, leave it at your local game store or keep it as a spare!

Option 2: Token Set. Upgrade your card tokens to high-quality coloured acrylic. Sets available for Halo: Fleet Battles, Firestorm Planetfall, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars. If you choose the Token Set as your FREE gift, please specify the game in the 'Comment's section during Checkout.

Option 3: Asteroid Set. Made from high quality resin, the asteroids in this set are perfect for players looking to quickly bolster their scenery collection and make their spaceship tabletop games more interesting. You get everything pictured above, providing you with a generous number of asteroids in multiple sizes.

Option 4: Hanger Set. A massive Zeppelin Hanger and an Airfield Control Tower is included in this easy-to-assemble set, making it the perfect acquisition for players looking to add terrain or objectives to their battlefields.

Option 5: Ruins Set. A great addition to any 28-32mm scenery collection, this ruined building set will help you to bring the cinematic action of your games to life.