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Thursday Terrain Corner

This has been quite the week. Monday the site was busted. Tuesday we got it fixed and things were alright. Yesterday it tried to break again, but it was fixed rather quickly. Things seem to be flowing smoothly today... Hopefully it stays that way... I just know that I could use a weekend. We'll get there, eventually. Just a day and a half left. Anyway, as we missed out on Monday's Terrain Corner, let's make sure not to skip today's. So, with that in mind...

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Small Scale Spanish Scenery Available From Brigade Models, Sally 4th Running Terra-Formers Kickstarter, Manorhouse Workshop Previews Beyond the Door & Eerie Silence Kickstarter Packs, and Cobblestone City Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

New Small Scale Spanish Scenery Available From Brigade Models

Today we have several new items in our Small Scale Scenery range, all with a Hispanic flavour.

We have some new 17th and 18th century fortifications from the Mediterranean island of Menorca - the Castell de San Antonio on the northern coast (as it was whe built, rather than the pile of rubble it is now) plus a pack of three different defensive towers selected from the many that are dotted around the rocky Menorquin coast.

And then shifting continents, we have a pack of four small blockhouses such as were built by the Spanish on Cuba during the War of Independence in that country and the following Spanish-American War. They're of a similar design to American Civil War blockhouses so would serve a dual purpose there too. Finally, we have a small catholic church, based on a Cuban prototype, but which again would serve in other parts of the world such as northern Mediterranean countries or South America.

SSS-8081 – Castell de San Antonio – £3.00
SSS-8082 – Menorca Towers – £2.50
SSS-8083 – Cuban Church – £1.00
SSS-8084 – Spanish Blockhouses – £1.00

Sally 4th Running Terra-Formers Kickstarter

Terra-Formers are designed to make it easy to produce high quality, versatile wargames terrain that fits together perfectly and stays together while in use.
The system is based around precision laser cut frames that are made from a base and four sides that have different profiles (flat, hill slope, road, river, stream, canal etc). These profiles mean that each tile that you make will line up perfectly with the tile next to it that has the same profile. The side pieces each have two holes to fix the rare earth magnets in that are supplied with each kit. The rare earth magnets hold the tiles together when the terrain is being used.

Terra-Formers are good for gaming with 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and 32mm figures.

Tiles include plain, river, road, stream, canal, beach, cliff, cave and bunker. The bunker tile is designed to work with our popular range of Terra-Block interiors so that your underground bunker or lair can have a different internal layout each time you use it.

Manorhouse Workshop Previews Beyond the Door & Eerie Silence Kickstarter Packs

Hi to everyone!

It’s been a while since last update. We have been working a lot on the 3D Bases project, but also have news about Forgotten Halls, so here we are.

Let’s start with some announcement that will make you rejoice.
We are giving you a glimpse of the 2 boxes that will be revealed on our next KS.

Cobblestone City Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

Cobblestone City! Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Play in a grim city district left to itself, whose cobblestone pavement is littered with broken wood planks and weeds, among the remains of wooden crates and barrels, on pebbles made slippery from wet and dirt!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth
Available size: 4x6' / 4x4' / 3x3' / 3x6