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Thursday Terrain Corner

We're continuing our trek through the work week. Actually, in a way, for me it's sort of like a Friday. I say "sort of" because I'm gonna be working from home tomorrow a bit, but I actually have the day off. Don't worry, though. I'll still be bringing you some stories. But yeah, gottta get some stuff prepped for the weekend. What am I going to be doing? Well, going to a binge watching party for the new season of MST3K that's coming out.
But that's for later. As for now, it's time to make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New To Kill A King Terrain From Sarissa Precision, New Orc Junk City Fuel and Ammo Piles From Kromlech, New Mousepad Material Mats Available From Pwork Wargame, New Wood Coffin Set Available From Tabletop-Art, New Brick Walls Sets Available From Micro Art Studio, Fantasy Arc releases Gwenilth: Lost City of the Elves terrain, West Land Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, and Textured Foam Scenery available from Firedragon Games.

New To Kill A King Terrain From Sarissa Precision

Many villages and towns suffered during the English civil war and here’s the perfect way to recreate these key battlegrounds!

New Orc Junk City Fuel and Ammo Piles From Kromlech

today we have a new release for all of you who loves some nice addition to battlefield.

Orc Junk City Fuel and Ammo Piles
Six resin pieces full of ammo boxes, old tires, fuel barrels, old tools and rusty junk. Fits all kind of terrain creation projects, bases for bigger models and all kind of skirmish games where every additional cover counts :)

New Mousepad Material Mats Available From Pwork Wargame

The Mousepad Gaming Mats are made in mousepad material. A mousepad mat is made from a synthetic cloth with a 2mm thick rubber backing, a special material that allows the mat to lay perfectly and instantly since the first time you unroll It. This material also makes the painted mat surface soft to the touch and silent when you roll the dices, and the backing surface non-slippery thanks to the rubbered-material grip.
The graphic paint of Mousepad Gaming Mats is soaked into the material, so It will never scratch or fade off, allowing you to play innumerable battles without ruining or damaging the painted surface.
As accessory of the Mousepad Gaming Mats, the synthetic cloth shoulder bag is an ideal way to trasport and store the gaming mat.
It's resistant, practical and lightweight, It allows you to bring your favourite mat with you for every battle you will play.

New Wood Coffin Set Available From Tabletop-Art

We have a further set of coffins in the range: Wood coffins set 2
The set contains 6x different wooden coffins in the scale 28mm.

New Brick Walls Sets Available From Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio has added new Brick Walls set to the webstore. Dedicated for 28-30mm (1:56) historical wargaming, they can be a great improvement of tabletop battlefield. Within every box you get 9 resin cast sections, giving a total length 89cm/35in of brick walls.

Fantasy Arc releases Gwenilth: Lost City of the Elves terrain

Fantasy Arc finally takes the plunge into the fantasy realm with their new release of laser-cut Elven terrain. Gwenilth: Lost Cit of the Elves is a line of stand alone structures and modular tree designs for use with your 28mm fantasy wargames. Inspired by well known fantasy properties, these models allow you to take your gaming up into the trees where winding staircases and leaf covered balconies await your Elves. The two tree models, the Elven Tree Fort and Elven Staircase, are comprised of modular sections that can be mixed and matched in many ways to create various layouts. The "trees" at the center of each are individual sections stacked on each other to create the desired height. Each tree section has hooks at the bottom that twist and lock with the section below it, creating a solid junction that won't slip or separate during use. The stairs and balconies hang from the tree sections by integral hooks at their back. Once assembled, the entire model is a solid structure ready for gaming. For additional ease of use the roof of each staircase, balcony, and entrance building can be removed to gain access to the interiors. All models are available now in the Fantasy Arc webstore, with more to come.

West Land Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

The Gaming Mat West Land is a PVC or CLOTH made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargames, in size 4x6’ (122x183cm), 4x4’ (122x122cm), 3x3’ (92x92cm), 3x6' (92x183cm), representing the scenery of a barren landscape, with sun-scorched earth, ideal for games with a Western setting or for battles in the desert.
The Gaming Mat West Land offers the possibility of setting battles between armies of miniatures among bare and desolate open spaces, designed for historical wargames or for fights in the dangerous Far West. The mat is a perfect fantasy setting for deploying vast armies, and also ideal for historical fights or science-fiction settings! Are you ready to battle?
You can choose West Land printed on high quality PVC or on synthetic Cloth, its awesome graphic grants a wonderful and great-looking setting for your favourite wargames.

Textured Foam Scenery available from Firedragon Games

Following on from our successful Kickstarter campaign last year, we now have the full range of textured foam sheets and resin and metal accessories for scenery-building on our website.

The realistic textures are pressed into high-density extruded foam (AKA Styrofoam, blue foam, XPS) sheets. This material is light, rigid, and easy to cut and shape. The textures include stone walls, cobblestone, and flagstone. We also have a range of accessories, making it simple to add windows, arrow slits, and doorways to your scenery builds.

Do you want to make your own custom scenery but are put off by some aspects that are either too complex or tedious? We may have the answer for you.

We've made a range of materials and accessories that are designed to take some of the drudgery out of crafting your own models and allow you, with a few simple skills and a bit of time, to create exciting and professional looking scenery for your tabletop.