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Thursday Terrain Corner

You know, the start of this week went by quick. It seemed like it was Tuesday evening and getting onto Wednesday in a flash. Yesterday was pretty standard, but by now, it feels like it should be further in the week. I'm not sure what put the brakes on the forward progression of time, but I wish it'd waited another 24 hours before it happened.

Oh well. While we wait the seemingly interminable amount of time to get to the weekend again, let's make sure our gaming tables look as good as possible for when it finally gets here.

In our Terrain Corner today we have: Darkburg Mat Now Available On Synthetic Cloth From Pwork Wargame, and New Muddy Fields Terrain Mat From Deep-Cut Studio.

Darkburg Mat Now Available On Synthetic Cloth From Pwork Wargame


You can also choose Darkburg in the new released SYNTHETIC CLOTH version, that will allow you to set your battles on a lightweight gaming mat, characterized by brilliance, definition and compactness of colors ,everywhere trasportable and at the same time with an high level graphic. Ultra-light and easy to store (you can bend It like a tablecloth without risking to ruin It), It’is printed on a cloth-weave, durable and resistant to washing (can be machine-washed and ironed with an iron steam). It also has a sewn hem that prevents the cloth from fraying.

New Muddy Fields Terrain Mat From Deep-Cut Studio

Muddy Fields

New gaming mat release! Our latest addition to the miniature wargame mats range is a classic field background with a mix of mud. With this new design, not only can you beat your opponent to humiliation, but make him eat dirt as well! The mat comes in lots of various size and material options and is compatible with other designs to make larger gaming tables or add roads or rivers with tiles. Check it out on our gallery.