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Thursday Terrain Corner

Arthur could never get a handle on them.
The Cure didn't care about them.
It's after Wednesday, so we're in the latter half of the week. But it's not the joy and relief of a Friday.
Oh well, we do get a Terrain Corner feature to hold us over, though.

Today's installment we have: Chibi War 3D tiles on Kickstarter, Tabletop-Art Has New Components for 28mm Terrain Available, Paper Make It! Launches Shuffler 2.12.01, and Brigade Models Release 2mm Scale Medieval Buildings.

Chibi War 3D tiles on Kickstarter

Chibi War 3D Tiles

We already produce a wide range of scenery and gaming mats for space and naval table top battles and you can find out more by clicking the link above.

Our scenery is made from a combination of fast cast resin and Alpha grade plaster medium. Alpha grade is one of the highest rated casting materials available made using a special resin infused formula. It is a very hard, white 100% Alpha grade material for use where high strength, surface hardness and durability are important.

Alpha is also able to hold fine detail extremely well, making the painting of small details easy using dry-brushing and washes techniques. All Alpha class scenery comes unpainted but pre-cleaned and sealed ready for painting unlike many equivalent resins that may need to be scrubbed and primed before painting!

Tabletop-Art Has New Components for 28mm Terrain Available

The following components are now available:
Large gate 2, Windows Set 3, Windows Set 4 and Windows set 5.

Paper Make It! Launches Shuffler 2.12.01


New Feature on Version 2.12.01
Shuffler has been updated again with a new highly requested feature: Square Grid System.

Now, the Grid is completely customizable by the user with tons of options like the line style, the color, the thickness and many other like effects or images to create personalized lines.

Users can also draw dotted lines with independently customizable segments and crosses. All images are scalable, can be rotated and can receive FX like outline, shadow, glow, bump, crate, overlay and others. All FX can be combined for an enhanced map.

Applying Crate and Overlay FX on a gray Grid, you obtain a nice score effect on your maps.

User Images Plug-In allows Users to upload own images that can be used to draw lines or crosses.

Brigade Models Release 2mm Scale Medieval Buildings

Medieval Buildings

We have another addition to our Small Scale Scenery line - a medieval set consisting of 20 buildings from a large village or small town. The set includes large and small houses, shops, inns, a Guildhall and buttermarket (the little octagonal pavilion).

The main characteristic of these buildings is the overhanging upper storeys. Many are still standing today so their use needn’t be confined just to the middle ages. They can be combined with many of the buildings in our existing English Village and Town Shops sets to create larger built-up areas. And of course the English Churches and the Large Church are also perfect companions.

SSS-8063 – Medieval Buildings (x20) – £6.00