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Thursday Terrain Corner

Is the week going by quickly for everyone or just me? Every day I wake up and go, "whoah, it's already (insert day here)." Well, that didn't happen on Monday. That sort of thing never happens on Monday. But it did happen this morning. Well, that just means the weekend will be here soon. Woot!

It also means, since it's Thursday, that it's time for a Terrain Corner segment.

Today we have: New Steampunk sci-fi Generator From Infinity-Engine, Warmachine F.A.T. Mat Pre-Orders are Live, New Wooden Stockade Sets Available From Tabletop-Art, TerraForms Terrain Kickstarter Update, New MDF Terrain Kits Available From Pwork Wargame, and Deep-Cut Studio releases mousepad terrain tiles.

New Steampunk sci-fi Generator From Infinity-Engine


I've a great new model to show you, 'The Infinity-Engine', perfect for lots of sci-fi, steam punk and post apocalyptic games. The model is cast in high quality resin, in sixteen parts, cost £20 and is available from my website.

Warmachine F.A.T. Mat Pre-Orders are Live

The wait is over! Pre-order your Warmachine and Hordes F.A.T. Mats, today!

These bad boys will begin shipping on Monday, June 13th. Brought to you proudly by Privateer Press, Tablewar and Frontline Gaming.

New Wooden Stockade Sets Available From Tabletop-Art

We have three new sets in the store: Wooden stockades, Wooden stockades destroyed and Wooden stockade gate. The sets can be combined. Scale: 28-30mm

TerraForms Terrain Kickstarter Update

Hey everyone, a quick update on our TerraForms Terrain Kickstarter campaign! As of the time of this writing we are two weeks into our campaign and 240% funded! We just broke through our ELEVENTH stretch goal and we only have three stretch goals left to go!

This means that no matter what pledge level you chose you are getting a ton of free pieces of terrain with your pledge! For those of you who haven't seen our campaign yet, visit us over on Kickstarter and check out what we offer.

We have four unique lines of terrain aimed at and usable with everything from modern to near future to sci-fi settings. Our terrain is scaled for use with 10mm to 12mm scale games, or 1/144 to 1/180 and 'N' scale miniatures and games. We are currently in the process of prototyping our pieces, refining any design and print flaws and getting the pieces post-processed and 'mold ready'. We will use our prototype pieces to create high detail molds in silicon rubber and we'll cast our production models in a quality, durable resin.

So head over to our Kickstarter and see what we are offering! We priced our pledge levels low to give our backers a better buy, in addition to all the free stretch goals, to say 'thank you' for helping us get this project off the ground and get our terrain made. Pledge now, prices on our webstore will have to be higher to account for reproducing damaged molds and other expenses. While you're at it check us out on Facebook and our website.

Get yourself some terrain and help support a company that is 'by gamers and for gamers!'

New MDF Terrain Kits Available From Pwork Wargame

Fantastic new release from Pwork Wargames! Finally Pwork Wargames releases 3D terrains in MDF!
MDF Scenery - Ruins Kits are scenery terrain sets consisting in 2 or more assembling scenic elements made in MDF material, ideal for fantasy, historical or science-fiction settings; the kits include ruined buildings and remains of a collapsed wall. Each kit is composed by a different number of 3D scenic elements, from 2 to 8 terrain elements. Check them now!
With MDF Scenery - Ruins Kits you can make your battles more realistic and more engaging! You can set on your mat awesome fights among a city in ruins! Take a look to this new project made in collaboration with Officina06 on Pwork Website!

Deep-Cut Studio releases mousepad terrain tiles

Mousepad terrain Tiles

News announcement – terrain tiles have just became available on our website. They represent various scenery elements, such as roads, rivers, forests and can be used with any battleboard to create unique settings. The tiles are manufactured on mousepad material and come in sets of at least 10 various pieces. Ready to use out of the package, takes very little space to store or transport, premium materials and highest quality art - for the best gaming experience. Initial release is three different road sets and there is so much more coming up soon. Check them out on our website!