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Thursday Terrain Corner

The work week continues. We've made it over the middle and are working our way back towards the glorious, glorious weekend! Mine's going to be filled with prepping various articles for the next couple weeks. Lots of photos to take of models in various states of assembly. Fun stuff like that.

But in the meantime, we've gotta make sure your gaming tables look as good as they possibly can.

Today's Terrain Corner stories are: Deep-Cut Studio releases new Beach design gaming mat, Manorhouse Workshop Update #21 – 3D Bases – Kickstarter Preview, Lasercutcard: Infinity Table Deal, Things from the Basement Releases Frosty Line Of Terrain, and Frosty Ruins by Urban Construct at Salute.

Deep-Cut Studio releases new Beach design gaming mat

Beach Design

New gaming mat release! A new Beach themed gaming mat is the mat for all your D-Day battles. It is compatible with our previously released Grass and Waterworld game mats and can be used to create vast landscapes to suit any scenario as well. Featuring highly detailed and stunning art, the mat comes in two popular sizes and pvc, cloth or mousepad material options. Brace yourselves and enjoy your trip on a landing craft!

Manorhouse Workshop Update #21 – 3D Bases – Kickstarter Preview

Today we’re presenting you the Project page of our 3D Bases Kickstarter!
Everything you will read in this page is not a final: the Kickstarter isn’t launched yet!
You can enter the page, read and comment on it, ask us questions and we encourage you to do so, so that we can refine our page for the final launch.
So check our page, comment on it, help us improve it and spread the word, so as to make this fantastic project even better!

Lasercutcard: Infinity Table Deal

Read more here:
The set includes:
6 x round house
3 x comma house
3 x arc house
1 x Doors A (mixed doors)
2 x Doors C (16 single doorways in total)
2 x Windows A (32 windows with 2 frames)
2 x Windows B (32 windows with 3 frames)
1 x Skips and Bins set
1 x Vents and Aircon set
1 x Infinity Objective set (9 objectives)
All items are made from 1mm heavy card and come unpainted and unassembled in flat packs

Pwork Dust Town - Mousepad Wargame Mat Now Available

Dust Town

Fantastic new release from Pwork Wargames! Finally Pwork Wargames Mats will be available in mousepad material!
The perfect choice for a premium gaming table!
Classic Pwork’s gaming mat in mousepad material! We present the great game mat design: Dust Town - Mousepad
The Game Mat Dust Town - Mousepad is a rubber/mousepad mat made in syntethic cloth and rubber, ideal for wargames, in size 4x6' (122x183cm), representing the the remains of a small town, now covered with a layer of dust, debris and weeds.
The Wargame Mat Dust Town - Mousepad offers the possibility of setting battles between armies of miniatures on a desolate landscape, where the bare earth alternates with what remains of an urban pavement. The mat is a perfect fantasy setting for skirmish or large armies game play, and also ideal for historical and sci-fi settings! Are you ready to battle?

Things from the Basement Releases Frosty Line Of Terrain

Things From the Basement has just released there new inspired by Frostgrave line. These Buildings are designed to go with Ospreys Frostgrave rulebook for Fantasy Warbands.

The initial release includes buildings included in the initial book.
The Mausoleum Complex consists of the Mausoleum, plus two sets of Iron Fence, enough to completely enclose the building.
You will get double of what you see in the picture!
Iron Fence measures approximate L 15" x W 15" x H 1-13/16" when enclosing the Mausoleum.

The Iron Fence is also available separately, as there can never be enough fences on your gaming table. Consists of twelve pillars (L 9/16" x W 9/16" x H 1-13/16"), eight fence segments (2-3/8"), and two gates (2-3/8").

Four 2"-diameter discs to represent the transportation system in the scenario The Keep.
The Apprentice's Edition shows those still new to the arcane laws the directions after rolling the die. Just place the discs on the board with the tiny notch facing towards the center of the table.
Laser-cut .05" chipboard

“Almost nothing still stands of the large fortified house, except for the ancient transportation system...”

Four 2"-diameter discs to represent the transportation system in the scenario "The Keep".
The Wizard's Edition is for all high-leveled adventurers who know the rules by heart. Just place the discs on the board and start exploring.

Frosty Ruins by Urban Construct at Salute


New 28mm resin scenery including ruined wizard’s tower, ruined walls, ruined pillars, 7 different piles of rubble, library bookcases, piles of frozen mouldy books, treasure tokens and magic weapon tokens. The scenery is suitable for fantasy scenarios such as D&D and other wizard skirmish games. The rubble can also be used with our flyover and for modern or zombie wargames. The walls and tower can be used with our existing castle range. As usual, our models are highly textured and detailed.

See us at Salute, London – stand TA18. If the main entrance is where it was last year, turn immediately right as you come in and we are a few stands up. We will be launching other new models and vehicles at Salute, so come and have a look.