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Thursday Terrain Corner

We're getting there, kids. Slowly but surely. The weekend is getting closer.
It was looking like today might've had a chance at being a snow day here in Atlanta, but such was not the case. So at least here, we're not stuck inside. For those of you further north that are stuck inside, why not get out some minis and play a game? And if you're going to be doing that, you'll want your table to look nice. Well, that's where the Terrain Corner comes in.

Today's stories include: New Orc Terrain Deal From LaserCutCard, Manorhouse Workshop Update#5 – Forgotten Halls: the upper floor inserts in details, and Crossover Miniatures Releases Omura Martian Airship.

New Orc Terrain Deal From LaserCutCard

LaserCutCard is offering an entire table’s worth of orc scenery. Just the thing for gaming clubs or competition organisers (or people who’s blood is green)
The bundle offer includes:

1 expanded orc fort
• 1 x gatehouse set
• 1 x wall sections set
• 2 x towers sets

1 orc bastion
• 1 x orc bastion set

1 expanded orc settlement
• 2 x orc scrap shack sets (6 shacks in total)
• 2 x orc boss huts
• 1 x mek hut
• 1 x water tower
• 1 x watchtower set (2 watchtowers)

Manorhouse Workshop Update#5 – Forgotten Halls: the upper floor inserts in details


Here we are again with another episode of Forgotten Halls.
We will show you the idea created and used by Manorhouse Workshop to pile up walls upon one another, thus allowing you to create building interiors on multiple levels.
This shows perfectly the stability of our pieces, and how the modularity of Forgotten Halls doesn’t come at the price of the overall visual result, since it does hide in a clever manner any hole or insert!
As you can see, the cover add-on of the wall connects and inserts with the upper and lower wall in an elegant manner.
You can note also how the “supports for the upper floor” are used to add easily the upper flooring.
Those upper floor pieces will be slimmer (2 mm) but double-faced: one side will be about a stone floor, while the other will be about a wooden floor. This will allow you to build an even wider variety of building with only a few pieces!

Crossover Miniatures Releases Omura Martian Airship

On a flight of fancy I decided to create this Martian airship to see just what I could push MDF to create, and I think the results are rather delightful. This giant weighs in at around 5lbs of MDF but gives you a sturdy and dynamic centerpiece for you VSF, Scifi, Pulp, or Supers gaming.

It was designed to give you a lot of deck space for gaming and yet still look impressive. The base is optional.

While there are detailed instructions, this is a modeling project as well as a gaming piece. It's great fun to put together and well worth the effort!

Special Offer for Two:
Order Two and get a FREE set of alternate propellers, front and keel rams, crows nest, rudders, rudder mounts, and rigging ties to help make them look like sister ships rather than duplicates.

Shipping rates just rose on the 16th of January here in the US, but shipping inside the US is very reasonable due to our flat rate boxes. If you are interested in more than one from outside the US, please contact me and I'll work with you to figure something out.