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Thursday Terrain Corner

The week continues along. It's turned a bit cooler and rainy here in Atlanta, which is alright with me. You've maybe seen those "Winter is coming... oh wait, no. It's warm again... now cold... now warm..." memes going around. That's certainly how it's been here. But while this place almost certainly won't be a "winter wonderland" by next week, let's not let that get us down. Instead, let's focus on making your gaming tables look as good as possible with a new Terrain Corner feature.

Today's stories include: New Bedlam Fraternity Doors From Kromlech, Heroic Maps - Dolgrum's Rest Map Released, and Warzone40k Releases Concrete Battle Board.

New Bedlam Fraternity Doors From Kromlech

KRVB018 Bedlam Fraternity Doors 2
This set contains three resin pieces (two different doors and front plate) for use with futuristic vehicles or buildings.

Master model (digital) Robert Kurek.

Heroic Maps - Dolgrum's Rest Map Released

In life, Dolgrum the Builder was a well respected Dwarf. He worked on many notable projects - the raising of the WInter Hall, the carving of the Cavern of Hilfigr and more. His great ambition was to build a family tomb worthy of his own skill. He began work in his 607th year, and worked and worked. Eventually, he died before the completion of the full tomb, but was finally laid to rest. Other members of his family were alao laid to rest in the mausoleum. However, his Great Great Great Grandson, Thorgrum, decided to expand the tomb a little, and unfortunately he lacked the skill of Dolgrum. One day his excavations uncovered a pool of magma, which flooded into the tomb. Poor Thorgrum was killed immediately, and the river of magma that poured from the chamber flooded through Dolgrum's Rest, carving through the statues and intricately carved stone.

Warzone40k Releases Concrete Battle Board

Concrete battle board warhammer city-1000x667

"Concrete" was conceived as incarnation of best design for city fight, so it is. Cold and severe urban desert with traces of war. It is percfect as battle board for Warhammer 40 000, Warmachine and other games, where war comes to city.