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Thursday Terrain Corner

The work week continues along. We've made it to Thursday. We can make it the rest of the way. I've been realizing the last couple days that I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend. Which, after several that were pretty busy, might be just up my alley. I'm sure I'll fill the time up with something. But what I'm filling your feed up with at the moment is terrain stories.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: High Edgmoor Hall Map Available From Heroic Maps, Acheson Creations 20% Sale on New Adventurer's Corner Product Category, and New Maps Coming From Paizo.

High Edgmoor Hall Map Available From Heroic Maps

As the noble family that owned Edgmoor Manor grew in power and status, they required a new home that better reflected their station in life. High Edgmoor Hall was built nearby, and is the height of luxury. What better place for some intrigue than a small palace?

A set of printable battlemaps compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.

Contents: A multiple level map consisting of a 5 storey stately home mansion, spread across 4 30x30 (and one 20x30)battlemaps, each depicting a different floor of the house.
Cellar - includes kitchens, pantries, wine cellar, abandoned rooms, secret tunnels and a sinister meeting room.
Ground floor - front garden, dining room, entrance hall, ballroom and parlour
1st Floor - Bedroom, guest rooms, stairwell, library
Attic - Attic stores, mysterious junk, servant rooms, locked attic chambers
Roof - pitched tiled rooftops, dormers, multiple access points.

Also included are 300dpi full size jpgs, for poster printing or VTT.

Acheson Creations 20% Sale on New Adventurer's Corner Product Category

Adventurer's Corner...that terrain you need to complete your dungeon or that quest on a tropical Island. Here are the first releases...which will be followed during this month with additional weekly releases...

20% sale...40% for club Members on these plus all Kaiju Kaos products - Runs Through June 30

. . . And 7 More Products to come

New Maps Coming From Paizo

Whether your players are exploring some far-flung desert market or defending a village nestled within the hill country from a horde of rampaging orcs, Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Bigger Village has you covered. With an area that's 45% larger than normal Pathfinder Flip-Mats at their disposal, Game Masters can now dream even bigger! This massive gaming accessory provides a pair of large villages ready for discovery, defense, exploration, and maybe a bit of shenanigans and larceny. It's all up to you and your players. Releases June 27th.