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Thursday Terrain Corner

The week is starting that final push towards the end. Let's do our best to sprint into the weekend with emphasis, as opposed to just crawling there, gasping. I know I've got a lot of projects to keep me busy until the weekend, and then far into it. Those Space Marines aren't going to assemble themselves, y'know.
But what about making sure the table that they eventually play on looks as good as possible? That's where the Terrain Corner comes in.

Today's batch of terrain stories includes: New Star System Pwork Wargames sci-fi gaming mat available, Creepy Hero Games Offering Buildings in a Bag, Customeeple Making New Malifaux Terrain, and Pwork Wargames Releases The Battlegrid.

New Star System Pwork Wargames sci-fi gaming mat available


Classic Pwork’s gaming mat! We present the great game mat design: Star System
The Game Mat Star System is a PVC or CLOTH made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargames, in size 120x180cm/120x120cm/90x90cm or full 4×6’/full 4×4’/ full 3×3’, representing the scenery of the deep space, where stars and planets are lost in its endless vastness.
The Wargame Mat Star System offers the possibility of setting battles between fleets of spaceships among asteroids, celestial objects and nebulae. The mat is a perfect science-fiction setting for space-field game play, ideal for move you spacefleets into the fight! Are you ready to battle?

Creepy Hero Games Offering Buildings in a Bag

Buildings in a bag are a series of generic walls and connectors that can be arranged and rearranged to create buildings, or dungeon areas. I designed them for use in miniature games, but the other night we were playing a game of Dark Conspiracy and used them to help map out the area we were fighting in.

Customeeple Making New Malifaux Terrain

Customeeple has launched a new line of Malifaux products to take Malifaux games to the next level!

They offer terrain and markers, both of which will help your tables look top notch!

Pwork Wargames Releases The Battlegrid

RPG Battlegrid is a PVC-made rollable game mat, ideal for roleplaying games, in size 30x30'' - 80x80cm, representing a neutral grid divided into 30 squares of 2,5x2,5cm – 1x1'' for each side, suitable to set, sketch and revive on a physical game surface your favourite roleplaying games.
RPG Battlegrid offers you the possibility of setting your adventures in RPGs with precision and attention to details. A dungeon full of rooms, traps and treasures, the halls of a castle, the interior of an inn, a glade in a forest, the dark depths of an abandoned mine: on RPG Battlegrid you can recreate all of that and, once finished to play, delete everything with a sponge, literally!