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Thursday Terrain Corner

Well... I'm sick. Woke up this morning feeling worse than I went to bed last night. So, if you get a virus alert when you look at TGN today, just wipe it down with some Lysol and you'll be fine. (ok, actually, if you get a virus alert when you open up TGN, lemme know because that means something's seriously wrong O,o)
So, while I chug this orange juice, work on this bottle of Dayquil, and heat up another bowl of soup, you should check out these terrain articles.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Overpass Available From Battlefront, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Dry Ravine Bundle Now Available, New Pulp Era Caravan kit from Sally 4th, Brigade Models Releases New 6mm SF Buildings, and Heroic Maps - Drabdon City Sewer Now Available

Overpass Available From Battlefront

Many key battles can take place around or on roads. An overpass provides a unique set of advantages for a commander, providing cover below at the sides and high ground of the bridge from which to fire upon the enemy.

Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Dry Ravine Bundle Now Available

Modular Kit: Dry Ravine comprises over 130 different tiles that can be printed multiple times and arranged in limitless combinations. Each tile depicts a dry and arid desert badland environment, with narrow canyons and steep cliff edges. Numerous different junctions, turns, small openings and passageways allow you to create an infinite number of layouts.

New Pulp Era Caravan kit from Sally 4th

Kit to make 1 x 28mm Caravan based on the 1930's Eccles Collapsible Trailer Caravan
Just like the real thing kit is supplied with bench / beds "giving the greatest comfort and repose"
Quick and easy to assemble kit, removable roof assembly allows miniatures to be placed inside.
Kit contains components manufactured from 2mm MDF, 3mm MDF & 1mm Greyboard
Kit supplied unpainted and unassembled
RRP £7.50

Great for fairgrounds and camp sites in 28mm pulp and horror miniatures games.

Brigade Models Releases New 6mm SF Buildings

This week’s new release consist of an assortment of 6mm buildings, one in each of four of the different styles that we currently make. In the Desert Buildings range we have a medium-sized tower with three segments and roof-top aerials, while the Advanced Buildings range gets a new Industrial/Commercial unit. The Research Base gets the Large Garage unit that came out in 15mm last year, and finally the Moonbase gets a second structure, a landing pad.

B300-110 – Medium Tower – £3.00
B300-210 – Industrial Unit – £3.00
B300-506 – Large Garage – £1.75
B300-602 – Landing Pad – £2.50

BP300-501 – Research Base Set – £15.00
BP300-601 – Moonbase Set – £17.50

Heroic Maps - Drabdon City Sewer Now Available

The sewers beneath a city may seem to be places that would be avoided, but to the citizens of the city that appreciate the value of such environments the sewer is perfect. What better way to avoid the authorities than by operating beneath their feet?

Contents: A 30 x 30 map depicting the sewer system beneath a city. Sewer tunnels and channels criss-cross the area, linked to the surface by ladders and gratings. The sewer passes near cellars, basements, and hideouts, and even cuts through the crypt of an old church. In fact, the sewer has passed dangerously close to some ancient catacombs, making the living dead at risk of being disturbed.