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Thursday Terrain Corner

This week just continues to roll along. There's now 2 of us in the office with Santa hats on. And we've got Burl Ives playing on the radio. It's a good time had by all.
It's also getting really cold out. Being proper Atlantans, the mere mention of cold weather, and a tiny prospect for precipitation, has sent people into a panic. But while people hole up in their homes, preparing to be snowed in for centuries (we might get a bit of cold rain), best to make sure whatever gaming tables you've got with you look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Concrete Play Mat From Deep-Cut Studio

New Concrete Play Mat From Deep-Cut Studio (note: the mat only looks like concrete. It's not an actual slab of concrete)

New game mat release! Concrete playmat design might be the most universal battlefield, when it comes to modern or futuristic games. It is easily used with buildings, bunkers, landing platforms, barriers, fences and everything else, you might want to throw on the table. Easy setting with hassle-free game mat – mousepad material is always flat on the table, has extra sharp visual details and is a pure enjoyment to play on. Check it out at - the home for game mats.