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Thursday Terrain Corner

This week has been going by quickly, at least to me. But I've had a huge project I've been working on behind-the-scenes here. So having something keeping me very much occupied is certainly a good way to make time go by. But that just means it's going to be the weekend really soon. Weekend = gaming. Gaming = terrain. So lets make your gaming tables look good. A quick Terrain Corner for you today.

We've got: Final Hours for ESLO Terrain 3D Printed Terrain Kickstarter

Final Hours for ESLO Terrain 3D Printed Terrain Kickstarter

As a special thank you for all supporter get all this Set for FREE!
Help us and spread the word about this campaign, then can we faster unlock the stretch goals.

Welcome to our next Kickstarter Project with ships and boats.

Many backers have asked for more ships and here we have a small selection of them. I hope it is something for everyone ...

Why this project? We need your help to construct all models ready, this takes a lot of time and is also very costly.

Why should I support the project? Be the first to receive the files. Some files will be downloadable later in the shop but not all. The packages will be more expensive than here, so save them now and save up to 40%. My project shows ships for the different periods /ages. These can be printed on the scales for the different figure sizes from 6 mm to 30 mm (the larger scales could also require larger print areas). The models are high quality and highly detailed. You can all models print with ABS or PLA.