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Thursday Terrain Corner

This shortened week is coming to a close. Well, eventually, anyway. Did yesterday seem to take 2 days to anyone else? It started out with, "Woo! It's Wednesday!" and ended with, "... wait, it's still Wednesday?!" Ah well, the day did, eventually, end. So now we're in Thursday. I've got my Thursday shirts on to prove it. Also, it's time for a Terrain Corner. Extra-size, since we didn't have one on Monday, even!

Today we've got: Acheson’s Kongo-Afrika KickStarter to launch November 3, New Normandy 44 Mat Available From Warzone Studio, Fogou Models Releases New Post-Apocalyptic Shacks, Tabletop Workshop Running Modular Dungeon Kickstarter, Plastcraft Shows of Gothic Millennium Terrain, and Heroic Maps Halloween Sale Happening Now.

Acheson’s Kongo-Afrika KickStarter to launch November 3

The Launch of our Kongo-Afrika Kickstarter is scheduled for Friday the 3rd of November and we thought we would show you an image of one of the African Dugout Canoes with crew...loads of new product for this kickstarter!

Also...our autumn sale is doing so well we have decided to extend it again until the 25th of October with.....20% to 40% discounts. Our current web page prices have already been discounted 20%...if you want 40% join our 14/7 Club Membership...probably last sale until next don't miss the opportunity.

New Normandy 44 Mat Available From Warzone Studio

NEW: Battle mat: Normandy 44

Flames of War battlemat which lets you recreate the severe battles in Europe during World War 2. It's also great for any other historical or fantasy wargames.

...after that, the rain came and washed away all the blood and tears of the battle like there was nothing of it. But the roads became so impassible, that even tanks struggled to go through.

Fogou Models Releases New Post-Apocalyptic Shacks

Fogou Models are proud to present three new 28mm scale shanty town shacks perfect for post apocalyptic, Sci Fi or Modern wargames. The buildings have been designed to be characterfully ramshackle, but generic enough that they can be used for games from Fallout through to Necromunda

Tabletop Workshop Running Modular Dungeon Kickstarter

MODULAR DUNGEON is a brand-new construction kit to bring all your personal ideas of 3D dungeons to life. Due to its innovative design all wall elements have a three dimensional depth and are highly flexible. You may create spectacular dungeons, single rooms or just some wall / tile combinations. MODULAR DUNGEON is a low cost construction kit - so you can realise huge dungeon systems easily without spending a little fortune.

Fundamentally MODULAR DUNGEON consists of various different wall and floor tile elements suitable for 28 to 32 mm scale miniatures. A single tile is 30 mm x 30 mm big (1,18 inch x 1,18 inch), so that even miniatures striking dynamic poses fit comfortably onto a single tile. The height of all wall elements is 50 mm, the length is a multiple of the measurement of a paving tile: 30 mm, 60 mm , 90 mm or 120 mm (width 1-4, please see below). Additionally there are several special walls, corner pieces, door frames and columns – similar to a classic LEGO kit. You are able to build a variety of different 3D dungeons in a quick and easy way.

Plastcraft Shows of Gothic Millennium Terrain

Last Friday we announced the launch of our new range of terrain: Gothic Millennium. Have you seen them already? What do you think? ?

We are sure that these pieces of terrain will make the game tables of those like Warhammer 40.000™ or Warpath™ a genuine battlefield!

Heroic Maps Halloween Sale Happening Now

It's October, and that means Halloween is on it's way. And what better way to enjoy Halloween than running a spooky game for your players? We've released three brand new Halloween-inspired battlemaps. Hecse Fyre Field is a Day & Night set featuring a fiery ritual, Hadeshill Asylum is a 3-storey creepy building, and Old Lychen Cemetery features a misty graveyard and over a dozen crypts to explore