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Thursday Terrain Corner

We're getting there, people. We're making our way to the weekend. For many, it will start with some Halloween parties tomorrow night. Any of you got any Halloween gaming plans? I'm thinking I might just get a bunch of bags of candy and watch all the Evil Dead movies and then figure out what else from there. Anyone wanna come over and join in? ;)

At the moment, though, we've got some stories to make your gaming table look as good as possible. It's time for another Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Chaos Factory Fantasy Sports Accessory/Field Indiegogo Campaign Running Now, Scenery Dice are now available, and Fat Dragon adds 'snap-lock' cave terrain to Kickstarter.

Chaos Factory Fantasy Sports Accessory/Field Indiegogo Campaign Running Now

Chaos Factory

Chaos Factory wants to bring creativity and design to the Blood Bowl’s world. Our aim is to improve this great game with high-quality artistic products. An inventive and unique approach to the products is our way to achieve it.

Scenery Dice are now available

Scenery Dice

Scenery Dice are a set of 6 Dice that can be used to generate, mark and track the Scenery types in your Warhammer: Age of Sigmar games.

Damned, Arcane, Inspiring, Deadly, Mystical and Sinister, each face shows a different type of terrain feature.

Generate your Scenery, mark its type and track it during your games.

18mm dice are larger than standard ‘custom’ dice so they stand out on the table top.
High quality finish, high gloss acrylic dice.
Pearlescent White with Black Lettering, clear and easy to read
Less time remembering your types of terrain features and more time to concentrate on your winning strategy.

Fat Dragon adds 'snap-lock' cave terrain to Kickstarter


Fat Dragon Games has now added a full caverns set to their growing DRAGONLOCK™ snap-locking 28mm terrain Kickstarter. Currently at over 12,800% funding, this Kickstarter campaign ends in just a few days.