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Thursday Terrain Corner

Welcome once again to the Terrain Corner, where we collect together articles we've come across over the past couple days that deal with making your gaming table look the best it can. That coffee mug and stack of books won't cut it anymore. You need to get some real terrain out there. Or at least, a good mat.

In this batch of terrain articles we have: More Scale Comparisons for Manorhouse Workshop's Underground Terrain, New Heroic Maps - Iron Peak Mine, and New Russian "Warzone40k": battle boards for wargames.

More Scale Comparisons for Manorhouse Workshop's Underground Terrain

Today we face at a “hot” theme: dungeon VS miniatures. Again you all ask these comparisons. Our dungeon can “accommodate” virtually all brands of miniatures in 25-35mm. First we start with the comparison Reaper Miniatures – “Bones”. Between a few days will start their 3rd Kickstarter. And we want to give a the fantastic frame at of the fantastic miniatures.

New Heroic Maps - Iron Peak Mine

Iron Peak Mine

Over a century ago people discovered iron in the hills, and soon a settlement grew up around what was now called Iron Peak. For a while the mine was profitable, and the town was prosperous. But after an accident closed part of the mine and the owner moved on, the mines have been used less and less. People have even claimed to have seen strange figures in the gloom and around the mine at night. Perhaps someone else is working the mine now?

Russian "Warzone40k": battle boards for wargames


Russian project "" now working worldwide! Multinational team of designers has produced unique mats for all popular table wargames: Warhammer 40K, Fantasy Battles, Lord of the Rings, Fogs of War, Warmachine&Hordes, Infinity, X-Wing Miniatures Game, Armada and others. Moreover, work never stops, new mats are appearing from time to time.

What is it? Huge plotter prints on PVC sheet, melting material with special acid to make inks set on PVC more solid. Material of mat is very solid, it can’t be damaged by placing terrain on it, by water, by moving miniatures or by your feet. PVC or cloth mats are availible.
It is one of the fastest and cheapest way to create your own battle board. Mats comes rolled in special tube with strap, so it is ready-to-go, you can put it even on the floor and start to play. just started, for some time after start there are gifts, buy two mats - get third one for free. Hope, this project will help russian community to grow faster, becouse dollar exchange rate makes all table games really expensive in Russia.