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Thundercloud Miniatures Running Heroes of Avendora Kickstarter

Thundercloud Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring a new set of four heroes to the Avendora miniatures skirmish game. The modeling is done. All there is now is to pay for actually making the little fellows for all the backers.

They are a rather diverse set of figures. There's the Faceless, a wraith-looking fellow in flowing robes and carrying swords. Next up is the Hiskari Scout with her bow and arrow and jungle outfit. After that there's the Ediman General, complete with his table of maps and charts for whatever battle might be happening. Finally, there's the Alacalean Warrior, the one that stands out a bit from the rest, with their mechanical exoskeleton armed with giant arm-blade and buckler.

The campaign is set up to run for another 29 days.