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ThunderChild Miniatures Launches Wasteman Kickstarter

ThunderChild Miniatures looks to expand their post-apocalyptic range of miniatures with their Wasteman Kickstarter campaign. But more than just adding minis, they've got a whole new skirmish game to go along with it. Rival gangs of aliens, monsters, robots, mutants, and the last of humanity are all struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
The campaign is just over 1/3 funded already with still 26 days to go.

From the announcement:

Welcome to the Kickstarter campaign for Wasteman: A game of desperate conflicts in a desolate future! A frantic game, set amongst the ruins of a neglected and scorched earth. Engage in desperate battles between post-humans, hideous monstrosities and killer robots over the dregs of an age of gluttony. Take control of you own syndicate and test your metal against the weird and terrifying denizens of the wastes!

Wasteman is a fun, easy to learn, and refreshingly crazy game! Players or 'comrades' control syndicates, typically comprised of between 5 and 20 ruthless denizens of the wastes, in an attempt to vanquish their opponent, survive bizarre encounters and/or capture much needed supplies.