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ThunderChild get Brutal with the Mutie Brute

ThunderChild Miniatures has their new Mutie Brute mini now available in their webshop.
He's on the brute squad.
"He is the brute squad!"

Mutie Brute


From them to you:

Genetically engineered to restore order from the ashes of nuclear war, Mutie brutes are hulking figures possessing herculean strength and fortitude. With life spans far longer than any ‘normal’ human, many have lost what little mind they had left, frantically wandering the wastes in a fruitless search for long dead war criminals. While those that retain their faculties are often found in taverns, drinking to forget.

This set contains one Mutie Brute Brawler, cast in high quality resin and standing a huge 60mm tall and 50mm wide. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.