Thunderbolt IIC concept art posted

By tgn_admin
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Jun 14th, 2011

Catalyst Game Labs have posted the concept art for the Thunderbolt IIC Mech (Facebook link) that is part of the upcoming Technical Readout: Prototypes supplement for BattleTech.

Thunderbolt IIC

Thunderbolt IIC

  • the original was a very weird looking, ugly mech, this is better..

  • Yea David has a grand touch to Mechs , well done.

  • BlueWeasel

    I was really scared when I saw the post title (Zac, why can’t you put pics in the RSS feed?)

    I was so happy to see that this is a David White piece (some of those other guys really need to be fired….yeah, I said it. Won’t take it back).

    Thanks for another quality piece David!

  • Woohoo! Artist is a friend of mine. I know somebody famous!!

  • pixelante

    This has a more anime feel to it like Heavy Gear. Personally I prefer it over the classic mech look.

  • Dead Kennedy

    This is definitely some of the best mech artwork I’ve seen in a while. Lines are sharp, shading defines the shapes nicely, great design too. Give that artist a cookie!

  • Talarius

    Hoping this one (and many more to come) gets cast up in plastic like the excellent Thor and Loki models that come in the Introductory starter box. 🙂

  • spacewolflord

    I have to say Battletech has always been interesting but there is just so many models… Its not that they are dated, some of those sculpts are still good. There are just some that were ugly to begin with. Its nice to see that some one after all these years are trying to revamp things.