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Thunderbirds RPG Unlocked on Kickstarter

Modiphius has unlocked their Thunderbirds RPG on their Thunderbirds board game Kickstarter campaign. Now, not only can you play as the heroes on the gaming table, but you can actually RP in the world as well. With designs by Timothy Brown and Cam Banks, this will be an interesting, and fun, addition to your RPG collection.

From the campaign:

Thunderbirds Roleplaying lets you turn the base Thunderbirds board game into an exciting story telling experience. By introducing a Game Master, exciting events and challenges as well as more detailed character progression, Thunderbirds Roleplaying turns the cards, playing pieces, and map of the Core Box into thrilling rescue adventures in a persistent campaign world. Game through much more involved missions of International Rescue that encourage ingenuity and improvisation where the Game Master rewards clever solutions while introducing a balanced array of obstacles, dangers and villains. Play as the characters from classic Thunderbirds series in a game suited to experienced and novice role-players alike.

To put together Thunderbirds Roleplaying we've assembled an all-star team including:
• Timothy Brown whose credits include Dark Sun D&D, 2300AD, Megatraveller, Space 1889.
• Cam Banks whose credits include Marvel Heroic, Leverage, Firefly The Roleplaying Game.