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Thunderbirds: International Rescue Bundle Available For Limited Time

We all know how cool a board game can be. But when you start throwing in the expansions, that game can potentially get even better. Well, the folks over at Modiphius are offering a special bundle deal for their Thunderbirds: International Rescue game where you not only get the base game and the first expansion, but also two more expansions before they're even available to the public.

The expansions are: Tracy Island (release date: June), Above and Beyond (release date: August), and The Hood (release date: October). Each one adds new playable characters, new schemes, new vehicles, and ways of playing. For example, in The Hood, one player takes on the role of leader of that organization and wins if they can cause the Thunderbirds players to lose, changing it from a cooperative game to a competitive one.

There's only a limited number of these bundle deals available. So if you want one, you'd better get your order in.