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Thunderbirds: Above & Beyond Expansion Now Available

It's just a fact that there's always going to be things going wrong in the world. Either some form of natural disaster or some crazed madman and their organization of evil will mean that rescue of innocents is going to be necessary. Thankfully, the Thunderbirds are go, ready to swoop in and save the day. That's what you get to do in the Thunderbirds board game, of which a new expansion, Above & Beyond, is now available.


This new set features a new rulebook (containing 4 new ways to play the game), 5 new Level 5 Scheme cards, 18 new character cards (which allow you to level up your abilities as you play), 10 new vehicle models and 10 new disaster vehicle cards (giving you new rewards for avoiding disasters), and a sand timer so you can play in "Crisis Mode."

You can get your copy today in the Modipius webshop.