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Throne of Angels episode 16 part 1 now online

Throne of Angels has episode 16, part 1, now online for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Episode 16 is live with another FIRST!!!
This week we don't just bring you one Episode but FOUR - get ready for...
Dark Age Week!!!

That's right! EPISODE 16 brings in a WHOLE WEEK of Dark Age!!! There's soooo much awesome it just can't be contained in one single show!!! That's right we're looking at an EPISODE so huge, so full of amazing that I've cut it into FOUR!!! Yes FOUR complete shows!!!

Progress Update!!! Once again, we're going to take a look at my progress on the St. Luke Dark Age force that I am painting up for my buddy Kevin -- target due date -- GenCon 2012!

After that we jump into an EXCLUSIVE LEAK first look at the upcoming Menial Bots from The C.O.R.E. the newest army for Dark Age appearing in the upcoming GenCon release DEVASTATION!!! WOOOOOO!!!