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Throne of Angels episode 15 now online

Throne of Angels has episode 15 up online for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Episode 15 is LIVE!

We've got some exciting news and a WIN IT BEFORE YOU CAN BUY IT mini contest!!!

We continue our coverage of Project St. Luke, out GenCon painting project.

We take a look at some fantastic stuff by Red Box Games, have you seen the Kickstarter yet??

Also the newest figure from Norsgard is reviewed - can you say Orc Paladin? Hell yea you can, come check him out!

Cipher Studios have a new warrior stepping up for the Lost faction in Hell Dorado -- the mighty Ashoka!!!

And last but not least we ONCE AGAIN throw a NEW SEGMENT into the mix!!! Our very first Head to Head!!!
We pit the Old Factory base set from Micro Art Studios up against the Urban Rubble set from Secret Weapon Miniatures!